Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Gary Sick is Adjunct Professor of International Affairs and Acting Director of the Middle East Institute at the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) at Columbia University. He is an Emeritus board member of Human Rights Watch.Gary Sick's special subject is Iran and the Middle East.

Earlier today, I was listening to Mr. Meybodi's televised program on Pars TV. In it he spoke of Gary Sick's continued attempts to protect & prolong the life of the Mullah's regime in Iran.

(ALAN NOTE: Pars TV has repeatedly provided a forum for the Mullahs, through their paid shills, including a former, totally inept former Air Force (non-flight, administrative) Brigadier, to denigrate, bad mouth and demean former officers of the late-Shah who might be called on to take charge when the Mullahs are overthrown. This TV station is reportedly generally considered to be in the pay of the Mullahs and allows other cashiered officers to denigrate the former regime and weaken efforts to destabilize the Mullah regime).

Gary Sick was a senior official of the National Security Council in the Carter administration. Even well before Carter was elected as US President, he has been instrumental in the plot to destabilise
and overthrow the legitimate Pahlavi regime in Iran in 1979.

Gary Sick is a teaching professor in Columbia University. It is not impossible to imagine that he has become an unofficial lobbyist of the terrorist regime in Iran. Many believe that Gary Sick, like Brezezinski, Joe Biden, Housein and Vali Nasr is on the pay role of the Mullah's regime.

Gary Sick has written a new article in the DIE Velth German newspaper arguing the case for more negotiation & appeasement with Mullah's regime. No mention of the regime's appalling human right records or how to help the people of Iran to free themselves from this barbaric
outlaw regime.

I called his office at Columbia University where by chance he picked up the phone. I introduced myself and politely asked him why he constantly ignores the Mullah's atrocities while he systematically accused the previous regime of wrong doings?

The only reply I had from this profit-soar villain before he terminated my call was in two short word: "FUCK OFF"!

I did not want to let him to end the call in that way. I was not rude at him & his manor was not one would expect from an academic. So I called him back and in three voice messages I gave him the piece of my mind.

I have his number as well as his E-mail address for anyone who want
to confront this merciless thug. Gary Sick and his co-conspirators need to be reminded that because of what they did, over one million have lost life. Over 7 million became refugees all over the world. Many thousands were tortured and executed.

Because of him and Jimmy Carter we had the September the 11th attack and experience the rise of the Islamo-fascism worldwide.

He needs to be reminded that he is a criminal with blood on his
hands and he belongs to jail.

Gary Sick's Contact info:School of International & Public Affairs, Columbia University

Home Phone: 212 222 9614

Work Phone: 212-854-1788

: ggs2@columbia.edu

Reza Pardisan, London.

The overthrow of the late Shah of Iran in 1979 by Jimmy Carter & Britain was the great mistake of the 20th century. Iranians will not forget nor forgive.

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BillyBob said...

Alan, my best friend at work who is from Tabriz used to lecture me for hours on end about the "fake revoloution". Until I read your blog, I thought he was just getting a bit senile. He is not. He was right after all. Reading your blog really spells out for me what is going on. I tried to email you, but it didnt work. Oh well. I have a grand central account on my blog. I do really wish to talk to you. Thanks, Bobby