Saturday, January 31, 2009


The War in Iraq/Trashcanistan has been officially changed from a military action to a Political battle.

This was on display when the Coward in Chief caved to appease his peaceniks going back to the 16 month cut & run.

Add to that his closing Gitmo w/no plan for the prisoners, then changing the name from WOT to The Challenge and you have Vietnam II.

Lyndon Baines Obama has taken this war out of the hands of the military and turned it over to the political hacks.

How long before Generals Hussain and Biden/Pelosi are poring over maps planning bombing runs in Iraq and Kabul. Like all good Central Planners he is going to have to control the military to minimize political damage and military effectiveness.

Never mind he has no idea how to fight a war, he has an Ivy League degree. We will see the body counts go up as the victories go down till his sinking quagmire looks for Peace w/Dishonor.

Like all good comrades he is willing to sacrifice his troops to prove that this war is still loseable.

We are no longer fighting terrorism w/our Troops and Military but w/the Lawyers and Briefs at the DOJ. This is now a Class Action suit, the American People vs Terror Inc.

He has turned us from a pro-active position against terrorists to the wait till we’re hit approach.

Our Intelligence Community will again be handcuffed to give the terrorists every freedom to attack. Just like under the clinton regime, after we are bombed we will hunt down the terrorists no matter where they hide.

If they are not splattered all over the building we will hunt them and put them in jail for life, unless they can get off on a technicality.

We will make sure that the “freedom fighters” attempting to kill us have more rights than our citizens and will be protected right up to the bombing.

If thousands of Americans are killed, that is the price of being Americans. Then there will be finger pointing and an investigation as to which Right-wing hate group to blame. Likely a Rush listener, Allah Achlimbaugh!

General Hussain has said he is going to pull our troops out of Iraq and redeploy them in Trashcansitan. Biden has been telling how bad the situation in Trashcan is, even though there is no real evidence of dire conditions.

The problem w/Trashcan is the altitude as well as the remoteness of the terrain. Moving from Iraq to Afghanistan is like changing from Palm Springs to the Rocky Mountains.

Much of the Country is above 6,000 ft with some of the AQ areas being over 12,000'. It is like fighting a war in the highest, most remote areas of the Rockies against locals that know every nook and cranny.

To fight in these areas you need special troops who have mountain training. The 10th Mountain is about the only one trained now.

You need to adapt to those heights both physically and technically.

Carrying gear in the thin air is physically demanding that requires elite cardio. Add to that a completely different culture to adapt to, takes time.

Helicopters and planes don’t operate as well and tanks are pretty much useless in the mountain passes. So you really can’t pull the troops out w/o a year retraining which is what the Pentagon/Petreus was likely planning.

Course Gen. Obama needs to go to Afghanistan to get Bin Laden immediately so our troops won’t be properly equipped.

Now that he is fighting a political war we will see him bend whichever way the winds are blowing.

Every decision will be made on a political basis from now on. When will the body count begin to reach his halo?

How long before the anti-war crowd begins burning him in effigy? When that happens will he have the stomach to carry through with fighting AQ and the Taliban?

How long before we desert the people of both Iraq and Afghanistan.

He is about to fight this war under Central Command requiring the most extreme rules of engagement before our troops can shoot back. He is about to repeat the same mistake that Russia made as well as LBJ.

Fighting wars from the WH/Kremlin has always been doomed to failure and this one is no different. GW learned the mistakes of Nam and vowed not to repeat those mistakes, Lyndon Baines Obama will.

We are no longer fighting a war on terror but prosecuting a political campaign that is purely a judicial operation. Just like BJ clinton we are now waiting for a terrorist attack so he can preen and pose for political gain.

President Obama will make a glorious speech about the need to be calm and that those involved will be punished. Nothing of course will be done and he will receive the accolades from PravdABDNC for being level headed and not a Cowboy.

Behind closed doors they will console each other that an attack every now and then is the price that will be paid for Peace. American deaths will be the price that’s paid to keep him walking on water.

Dead Americans will be sacrificed for the Messiah since he knows W/BJ’s numbers were highest after OK City & 911. Just pray the payments aren’t too steep.

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American Genie said...


God bless you!

God bless America!

My dad was sacrificed in Viet Nam by LBJ along with thousands of others. I cannot stand the thought of the criminal-in-chief turning the present day actions into another Viet Nam. Please don't stop telling the truth.