Monday, November 14, 2011


Next Spring, probably around March 2012, the Supreme Court of the USA (SCOTUS) will hear the case brought by some 26 States about the Constitutionality of ObamaCare.

Usually allowing ONE hour for arguments the Court will allow FIVE  and a half hours for the ObamaCare hearings!

AND it appears virtually certain that the eligibility of Obama himself to be in the Oval office will be part of the pleadings!

Happening in the middle of Obama's campaign for re-election, matters should be historic and divulge many of his secrets. His only hopes are the two judges he appointed to the Supreme Court, one of whom worked on his behalf in other procedings  before being elevated.

She may have to recuse herself, thus even  the playing field.


President 0bama, will you finally come clean on your hidden records? You know, transparency and all. We want to know Why these questions are off limits?

1. The Original Birth Certificate - Yes, the absolute original, examined and certified by three independent forensic experts.

2. Please produce your Columbia University transcripts.

3. Please, your original Columbia thesis paper.

4. Please produce your Campaign donor analysis requested by 7 major watchdog groups.

5. Please produce your Harvard University transcripts.

6. Please produce your Illinois State Senate records including your voting record.

7. Please produce your Illinois State Senate schedule.

8. Please produce your Law practice client list and billing records/summary.

9. Please produce the locations and names of all half-siblings and stepmother.

10. Your complete Medical Records (we've only seen the one page summary released so far). Have you had drug tests done? Are you still using coke? Please, your liver function tests to clarify alcohol abuse. Have you had an AIDS test?

11. Please produce your Occidental College Transcripts. Also, any records of student aid received and under what names(s) and nationality.

11. Please show us your Parent’s original Marriage Certificate.

13. Please produce your record of Baptism.

14. Please produce your Selective Service registration records (Did you actually Register for Selective Service?) Also, why does your SS not pass e-verify?

15. Please provide us with schedules for all trips outside of the United States before 2007.

16. Please produce all Passport records for all passports, US and otherwise - before the scrubbing.

17. Can you show us a list of your scholarly articles?

18. Your SAT and LSAT test scores please. Did you even take the SAT and LSAT?

19. What's with no access to your grandmother in Kenya?

20. Please list of all campaign workers that currently are lobbyists.

21. Please produce Punahou grade school records.

22. Why are Noelani Kindergarten records are oddly missing from the the State of Hawaii Department of Education?

23. Please produce page 11 of Stanley Ann Dunham's divorce decree.

24. Why did you, President Barack Obama, resign from the Illinois bar and where are all of the relevant documents?

25. Why did Michelle Obama resign from the Illinois bar after only about four years of practice and where are all of the relevant documents?

Why are these records hidden? Who are you President Obama? Will these records be revealed before November 6, 2012? We the People care about our country deeply and are very concerned about a POTUS who has hidden every scrap of information about his life.

The voting public deserves to know these answers. We have many more questions, but please answer these first to show your transparency and good faith. We'll keep passing this list on until we get some answers.