Sunday, April 25, 2010

FBI’s Top Ten News Stories for the Week Ending April 23, 2010

New York: Zarein Ahmedzay Pleads Guilty to Terror Violations in Connection with al Qaeda Subway Plot

The Justice Department announced that Zarein Ahmedzay, a U.S. citizen and resident of Queens, N.Y., pled guilty to terrorism violations stemming from, among other activities, his role in an al Qaeda plot to conduct coordinated suicide bombings on New York’s subway system in September 2009. Ahmedzay, 25, pled guilty to the following violations: conspiracy to use a weapon of mass of destruction (explosive bombs) against persons or property in the United States; conspiracy to commit murder in a foreign country; and providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization, namely al Qaeda. Ahmedzay faces a sentence of up to life in prison.  Full Story

Los Angeles: Former CEO of KB Home Convicted of Federal Fraud Charges

Bruce E. Karatz, a former CEO and chairman of the board of KB Home, was convicted of four felony counts related to a stock option backdating scheme in which he awarded himself and other KB executives millions of dollars in undisclosed stock-based compensation. The convictions stem from Karatz’s attempts in 2006 to cover up the fact that he had been backdating his own and other executive’s stock options for the preceding seven years. The cover-up included failures to disclose the stock-option backdating in filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission and to KB’s outside auditors. Full Story

Cincinnati: Man Sentenced to 24 Months in Prison for Defrauding Railroad Through Kickback Scheme

Ronald L. Zullig, 55, was sentenced in United States District Court here today to 24 months’ imprisonment followed by three years of supervised release and ordered to pay $185,000 in restitution to the Ohio Central Railroad for a kickback scheme in which he promised companies contracts with the railroad if they did personal work for him.
Full Story

Houston: Former Texas DPS Trooper Sentenced for Violating Civil Rights

A former Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) trooper was sentenced to four years in prison for depriving multiple motorists of their civil rights. Michael Anthony Higgins, 43, formerly of the Corpus Christi area, was found guilty on Jan. 13, 2010, by a jury’s verdict on all four counts of the indictment of willfully stealing money from motorists he stopped on the highway while working as a trooper.  Full Story

Washington Field: Virginia Resident Sentenced to 87 Months in Prison for Bribing Foreign Government Officials

Charles Paul Edward Jumet was sentenced to 87 months in prison for paying bribes to former Panamanian government officials to secure maritime contracts, in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), and for making a false statement to federal agents. The act makes it a crime to pay or offer to pay anything of value to a foreign government official in order to obtain or retain business. Full Story

New York: U.S. Attorney Charges 14 Gambino Crime Family Associates with Racketeering, Murder, Sex Trafficking and Other Crimes

Fourteen members and associates of the Gambino organized crime family were arrested on charges that include racketeering, murder, sex trafficking, sex trafficking of a minor, jury tampering, extortion, assault, narcotics trafficking, wire fraud, loansharking and illegal gambling.  Full Story

Newark: Former Hoboken Mayor Admits Extorting Cash Contributions in Return for Official Influence

Peter J. Cammarano, III, former mayor of Hoboken, N.J., pleaded guilty and admitted accepting $25,000 in illicit cash contributions in exchange for exercising his future official influence and authority. At his plea hearing, Cammarano admitted that, while he was an at-large councilman and candidate for mayor, he accepted three illicit cash campaign contributions totaling $15,000 from a cooperating witness (CW), who purported to be a real estate developer. Cammarano further admitted that on July 16, 2009, after he had been elected and sworn in as mayor, he accepted an additional $10,000 illicit cash campaign contribution from the CW.  Full Story

Columbia: Three South Carolina Men Sentenced for Committing Civil Rights Offenses and Carjacking

Three men were sentenced for their role in terrorizing an African-American man and two Caucasian men and for carjacking. Defendants Thomas Howard Blue Sr., Thomas Howard Blue Jr., and Judson Hartley Talbert pleaded guilty to conspiring to deprive and actually depriving the African-American victim of his right to engage in a federally protected activity and conspiring to carjack and actually carjacking the victim’s car.  Full Story

New York: Man Sentenced to 121 Months in Prison for Attempting to Finance Terrorism and Perpetrating Massive Investment Fraud

Abdul Tawala Ibn Ali Alishtari was sentenced in federal court to 121 months in prison after previously pleading guilty to charges of terrorism financing and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. In the latter half of 2006, Alishtari facilitated the transfer of $152,500, believing that the funds would be used in Afghanistan and Pakistan to help train terrorists. He understood that these funds would be used to purchase equipment needed at a terrorist training camp, such as night vision goggles. Unknown to Alishtari, the man with whom he was working to transfer the money was an undercover officer.  Full Story

New York: Manhattan U.S. Attorney Charges Belarusian Creator of International Identity Theft Website

Dmitry M. Naskovets, creator and operator of, was indicted for his role in an online business that assisted more than 2,000 identity thieves in more than 5,000 instances of fraud. He faces conspiracy to commit wire fraud, conspiracy to commit credit card fraud, and aggravated identity theft charges. Naskovets, a Belarusian, will be extradited to the U.S. Through the website, Naskovets and a co-conspirator, in exchange for a fee, provided the services of English- and German-speaking individuals to persons who had stolen account and biographical information to beat security screening processes.  Full Story

Friday, April 23, 2010



The problem is they think on a different timescale than the average westerner. We often see political change in years, or decades - they often think back 100's or over 1000 years to the examples of islamic expansion and territorial conquest of vast tracks of territory across the globe after they crawled out of the Hijaz.

What you see them attempting to do in the US now, using ikhwan fronts and methods, is marking territory in the way a dog would pee on a tree. Once they can establish a history of "muslim settlement" and of compliance to sharia in a geographical location, it (in their eyes) justifies the next stage - acquisition of physical territory.

In decades or centuries to come, they will point to the areas where muslims lived, practiced sharia, or shared a keg of camels p*$$, and use it to justify land that was claimed, and this it would be an obligation to wage a violent jihad over.

You already see this second phase starting in EUrabia - muslim only areas, no-go zones for the kuffar.

After thru their own long history, WWII, the threat of the Soviet Empire and nuclear annihilation, I would guess the average EUrabian did not think islamic immigration (even just 2-5% muslims) would allow them to be dictated to by believers of a barbaric 7th Century ideology.

Muslims rule major Swedish city

(UK) Bishop warns of no-go zones for non-Muslims

The 751 No-Go Zones of France