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In Saudi Arabia , teaching hatred for others is a normal everyday scholastic activity. But what happens when that teaching gets transferred to the United States ?

One children’s school with branches in Virginia, the Islamic Saudi Academy, has managed to accomplish this with hate-filled texts, a terror-linked website, and students and school personnel that have been involved in radical activity.

The Islamic Saudi Academy (ISA), an institution run by the government of Saudi Arabia, has been occupying northern Virginia , since 1984. Within the state, it has two facilities, one in Fairfax (pre-K – first grade) and one in Alexandria (grades 2 – 12). The school offers all of the standard curriculum: Math, English, Social Studies, Science, etc.

However, what has been of concern to many is the group’s religious studies.

In October of 2007, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), an organization established by the United States Congress, issued a press release calling for the closure of ISA, until the school’s textbooks would be made available to it for inspection, which they were not.

The release stated that “significant past documented concerns remain about whether what is being taught at the ISAexplicitly promotes hate, intolerance and human rights violations, in some cases violence.”

The concerns of the commission were based on previous findings regarding Saudi curricula, which showed that Saudi authorized school textbooks encouraged violence and theft, even religiously sanctioned murder, against a variety of non-Muslim groups.

In July of 2006, the Saudi government released a statement, saying that it would, within one or two years, “revise and update textbooks to remove remaining references that disparage Muslims or non-Muslims or that promote hatred toward other religions or religious groups.”

But without having the material in front of it, the commission was not able to determine if the Saudis were indeed abiding by their own commitments.

Between USCIRF’s first action and now, the commission has been able to acquire and review 17 current ISA textbooks for examination, and the findings have been disturbing to say the least.

According to USCIRF, some of the passages in the texts “clearly exhort the readers to commit acts of violence.” These acts include the killing of apostates (converts from Islam) and the taking of the lives and property of Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and those adhering to the Shiite faction of Islam.

In addition, according to the commission, the reviewed texts “show evidence of truncation, omission, cutting and pasting, and the use of correction tape or fluid to cover over text – but not sufficient revision to remove all objectionable material.” As well, some of the material was altered but contained “identical wording.”
Besides the textbooks, the ISA’s website has set off alarms.

From March of 2000 through August of 2001, the site had a link to IslamiCity, a website that repeatedly calls for the murder of Jews and repeatedly “curses” Jews and Christians. Some statements from IslamiCity include:

* “May Allah curse the Jews and Christians for they built the places of worship at the graves of their Prophets.”

* “The Jews will fight with you, and you will be given victory over them so that a stone will say, ‘O Muslim! There is a Jew behind me; kill him!’”

* “The Jews are being punished in their graves.”
From March of 2000 through February of 2002, ISA’s website contained a link to Islam Question and Answer, a site authored by Saudi radical Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid, which stresses violence against non-Muslims and others. Some quotes from it include:

* “There cannot be harmony between Jews – who are usurpers and aggressors, who have oppressed and persecuted others, and who are known for their treachery and corruption throughout the world, historically and in the present age...

As the Muslims and Jews are enemies residing in opposing religious and doctrinal camps, it is not possible for them to be brought together unless one is made to submit to the other by force.”

* “There is no doubt that it is prescribed to engage in jihad against the enemies of Allaah, Jews and others, with our lives and our wealth. That includes every means that will weaken their economy and cause them harm...

The Muslims in general should cooperate in righteousness and piety and help the Muslims in all places in ways that will lead them to prevail and strengthen them and enable them to manifest the symbols of religion, to practise the teachings of Islam and to implement the rulings of sharee’ah and carry out hudood punishments, and whatever will lead to their victory over the kuffaar, Jews, Christians and others.”

* “The Sahaabah were unanimously agreed on the execution of homosexuals, but they differed as to how they were to be executed. Some of them were of the view that they should be burned with fire... And some of them thought that they should be thrown down from a high place then have stones thrown at them...

Because the evil consequences of homosexuality are among the worst of evil consequences, so its punishment is one of the most severe of punishments in this world and in the Hereafter.”

Today, the above ISAweb links have been replaced by new extremist links. Beginning in August of 2002, ISA’s website linked to Al-Islam, a site run by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Da‘wah and Guidance.

The site, similar to the previous mentioned sites, propagates hatred against Jews and Christians. Al-Islam includes such brutal pleas as: “Let there be curse upon the Jews and the Christians...” and “May Allah the Exalted and Majestic destroy the Jews.”

As well, entire web pages on Al-Islam are devoted to fighting jihad – jihad, which the site defines as “holy war.”

The index for the site’s ‘Al-Jihad’ section is as follows:

* The superiority of Jihad and moslem warriors (Mujahideen)
* Judgment concerning Jihad
* Staying behind from battles
* Characteristics of Mujahideen * Elements of the battle * Stages of battles
* Booty and Al-Fai
* Pledges and covenants

Another website that ISAcurrently links to is Arab News, a site that labels the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), the former American propaganda wing of Hamas, as “Palestinian[s] who believe in the liberty of [sic] there holyland” and describes Radio Islam, a site that publishes Mein Kampf and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, as “[sic] Informations about Zionism and Palestine.”

Furthermore, according to the school’s website, from 2000 to 2001, the 9th and 10th grade ISAcurriculum included learning about “the reform of Mohammed Bin Abdulwahab and his alliance with the Saudi family, who united the Arabian Peninsuladuring the first half of the 20th century.”

Bin Abdul Wahhab was the individual from which Wahhabism was created, arguably the movement that ignited the terrorist threat faced by the world today.

Between the textbooks and the websites, ISA students could get quite an education in hatred and violence, two subjects that young children should not be exposed to, especially kindergarteners.

Unfortunately, though, it seems that at least some of the ISA students took these vicious lessons to heart.

Ahmed Omar Abu Ali was 1999 class valedictorian at ISA. In an act of foreboding, his class named him “Most Likely to Be a Martyr.”

Foreboding, because, in November of 2005, he would be convicted of joining Al-Qaeda and plotting to assassinate President Bush. He received a 30 year prison sentence for his crime.

As stated in an FBI criminal complaint, ISAgraduates Mohammed Osman Idris and Mohammed Hassan El-Yacoubi, in December of 2001, were on their way to Israel , for what seemed to be a suicide mission.

El-Yacoubi, during a search that was conducted by El Al security personnel, was found to have had on his person a farewell letter from his younger brother, Abdalmuhssin, who himself had attended ISA.

The letter was in Arabic, and according to writing experts, it contained language discussing an attack that was to be carried out against Israelis, possibly in relation to Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ).

In August of 2002, Idris was sentenced to four months in jail for lying on a passport application.

And it’s not just the students. Ismael Selim Elbarasse is a former comptroller (accountant) for ISA. Elbarasse, named as a co-conspirator for the 2007 Holy Land Foundation (HLF) terror trial, has been described by the U.S. Government as a “high-ranking” Hamas operative for his financial dealings with Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzook.

In August of 2004, Elbarasse was arrested, after police viewed his wife videotaping sensitive parts of Maryland ’s Chesapeake Bay Bridge from his vehicle.

Earlier this month, on June 9th, the Director General of ISA, Abdullah Al-Shabnan, was taken into custody for failing to report the alleged sexual abuse of a five-year-old ISAstudent.

This, while protests have erupted over the school’s use of violent texts. ISAis most certainly not the only Islamic facility to be teaching hatred and violence in America , but it is one that has been caught and exposed. Under pressure, the U.S. State Department has called on the school to reform its educational materials by August, but if history is any indicator, the school’s future will be no different than its past.

On September 11, 2001, terrorists coming from Saudi Arabia flew planes into our buildings causing death and destruction. This school, the Islamic Saudi Academy, in contrast, is evidence that Saudi Arabia is now attempting to destroy us from within.

_______________________________ Joe Kaufman is the Chairman of Americans Against Hate and the founder of CAIR Watch. Beila Rabinowitz is the Director of Militant Islam Monitor.

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Student Protestors Becoming Bolder
June 20 -- Has Iran's student movement entered a new, more daring phase in the wake of protests against a sex scandal at Zanjan University [text in Persian]? To answer that question, Radio Farda's weekly roundtable, "Viewpoints," featured three guests: a member of Iran's largest pro-reform student group, Hamid Yazdani, Paris-based journalist Sorajedin Mirdamadi, and Georgetown University professor Mehrdad Mashayekhi.

Female Student who Complained of Sexual Harassment Arrested
June 21 -- A student at Zanjan University who does not wish to be identified says the female student who complained of sexual harassment has been arrested and will most likely face charges of "morally corrupting" the university's Vice Chancellor [text in Persian].

Kurdish Journalist Sentenced to 11-Years in Prison
June 23 -- Journalist Mohammad-Sadigh Kaboudvand's lawyer says his client is being convicted for founding the Kurdistan Human Rights Organization: "Almost no media in Iran is covering this story... This is the most unjust and heaviest sentence I've ever seen among similar cases. He has committed no criminal act" [text in Persian].

"He Has Always Fought for the Rights of Workers"
June 25 -- Labor activist Mansour Osanlu's wife tells Radio Farda [audio in Persian / text in Persian]: "My kids and I have had a hard time--not only emotionally, but financially--for the past 3 years that my husband has not been with us... The fact that he is in the right, but has been wronged, convinces me to put up with this difficult situation. And the international and domestic support we get comforts us and makes us feel we are not alone."

EU Sanctions Will Hurt Economy
June 23 -- Paris-based economist Shahin Fatemi tells Radio Farda [audio in Persian] that closing Bank Melli Iran (Iran National Bank) and freezing its assets in Europe will aggravate Iran's financial problems, worsen the economy and increase inflation.

"One Million Signature Campaign" Member Sentenced to Prison
June 23 -- Iranian authorities have sentenced 20 year-old women's rights activist Hana Abdi to five years in a prison in West Azerbaijan province, far from Abdi's home in Kurdistan. Abdi's work, which aims to empower women in villages through education, includes building libraries and holding classes on the rights of women under Iran's constitution [text in Persian].

Iran's Suicide Rate Increases
June 21 -- Radio Farda's youth program, "Fresh Glance," interviews a young man about his attempted suicide and speaks with a sociologist who says the main reason for the increase in suicides among Iranian youths is despair about family and social life [audio in Persian].

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The Gaza Lull - Alex Fishman

Hamas is no longer smuggling huge amounts of weapons into Gaza. It simply doesn't need to.

Since the Gaza pullout in 2005, more than 120 tons of explosives have made their way in; more than 1,000 machine guns, 32,000 Kalashnikovs, 4,000 RPG launchers, hundreds of rockets, dozens of anti-aircraft missiles, and several hundred mortar shells.

These are astronomical quantities for a military organization which has only 11,000 people who can operate weapons.

Today, weapon smuggling in Gaza is a professional, state-run business, sponsored largely by Iran. Tehran sees Hamas as a long-term investment - much like Hizbullah.

The smuggling operation is a huge, well-oiled machine which cannot be stopped by a verbal agreement with Egypt. (Ynet News)

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By Debbie Schlussel

Sadly, the four federal judges in U.S. District Court in Detroit who've been the softest on Islamic terrorists are all my fellow co-religionists, all Jews. I hate to point it out because I believe it breeds anti-Semitism. And because three of the tougher and most fair judges in federal court in Detroit are also Jewish--Judges Lawrence Zatkoff, Bernard Friedman, and Paul Borman. They're also three of the smartest jurists in the nation.

But I point out the extreme liberalism of Judges Avern Cohn, Arthur Tarnow, Nancy Edmunds, and Gerald Rosen, in juxtaposition to regard to the allegations made by convicted Hezbollah arms smuggler Fawzi Mustapha Assi against Judge Rosen.


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Any wonder Islamic Jihadists have sent down multiple and long roots in Mexico and Latin American countries and are partnering with drug trade gangs and dealers?

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Criticized by groups like Amnesty International as “severely flawed” and an erosion of human rights standards, the so-called return directive was passed in the European Parliament here by a 369-to-197 vote, with 106 legislators abstaining.

Manfred Weber, the German center-right legislator from Bavaria who shepherded the measure through Parliament, said that it provided minimum common standards for the treatment of migrants throughout the European Union while still showing citizens it was tough on illegality.

As for the migrants, he said: “The member states must decide whether they need them; if so, then please legalize them. If you don’t need them for your labor markets, then send them home.”Ten amendments to the measure, proposed by Socialists and intended to offer migrants some protections and legal recourse, were rejected.

They included a requirement that a judge approve detention within 72 hours of an arrest, the obligation to provide detainees with free legal counsel and the possibility of making the five-year ban on re-entry optional.

Other amendments would have reduced the maximum detention period to six months rather than 18 and insisted on greater assurances for the protection of unaccompanied children.

One opponent of the measure, Cimade — the only French nongovernmental organization authorized to work in France’s 23 detention centers — released a statement saying that it deplored the passage of what civil liberties groups have called “the directive of shame,” and said it was weighing contesting it before the European Court of Justice or the European Court of Human Rights.

Amnesty International said it was “deeply disappointed” by the outcome of the vote, and appealed to member states currently applying higher standards not to use the directive as a pretext for lowering them.The Europe Union has freedom of movement among 25 of its 27 member states but no overarching policy on immigration.

Supporters see the new measure as a means to unify a patchwork of systems governing treatment of migrants who overstay their visas or who, in far lesser numbers, slip clandestinely across borders.The European Union has 224 detention centers for migrants, with capacity for 30,871 people.

National regulations on how long migrants can be confined vary; in France, it is 32 days; in Germany, 18 months. Eight European Union countries have no time limit.

European legislators visiting Denmark in April said they were concerned about some detainees who had been held for eight years.Mr. Weber said the measure passed Wednesday provided a limit on detention in those eight countries — though two, Denmark and Britain, can opt out of the restriction.

Opponents fear the directive will encourage countries with shorter detention limits to extend them.

Dragutin Mate, Slovenia’s interior minister, had warned lawmakers that failure to approve the directive would mean no agreement on immigration in the European Union for at least three years, which would jeopardize pending legislation on workers’ rights.

The vote came a day after António Guterres, the United Nations high commissioner for refugees, said that the world was dealing with “a complex mix of global challenges that could threaten even more forced displacement” in the future than the 37.4 million people displaced last year.

The refugee agency is concerned about those fleeing conflicts or persecution who have the right under international law to seek asylum but opt for illegal entry to Europe because of a lack of legal channels.It says that many people will be subject to the directive’s five-year re-entry ban, which does not take account of changes in their home countries that could force them to leave again.

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Mike Monsoor, a Navy EOD Technician, was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor posthumously for jumping on a grenade in Iraq , giving his life to save his fellow Seals.

During Mike Monsoor's funeral in San Diego, as his coffin was being moved from the hearse to the grave site at Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery, SEALs were lined up on both sides of the pallbearers route forming a column of two's, with the coffin moving up the center.

As Mike's coffin passed, each SEAL, having removed his gold Trident from his uniform, slapped it down embedding the Trident in the wooden coffin.

The slaps were audible from across the cemetery; by the time the coffin arrived grave side, it looked as though it had a gold inlay from all the Tridents pinned to it.

This was a fitting send-off for a warrior hero. This should be front-page news instead of the crap we see everyday.


3 guilty in plot to kill troops; Toledo verdict hailed as 1st on 'home-grown' terrorism cell


The convictions yesterday of three local men of Middle Eastern descent for terrorist-related crimes are being hailed by the federal government as a landmark victory in the war on terrorism.

Mohammad Amawi, Marwan El-Hindi, and Wassim Mazloum were found guilty by a jury in U.S. District Court in Toledo of conspiring to plan attacks to kill or injure U.S. troops in Iraq and other countries - a crime that carries a maximum penalty of life in prison - and providing materials and support to terrorists.A sentencing date has not been scheduled.

Click on Title Above for full story.

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The Taliban assault on Sarposa prison included an exploding truck, a suicide bomber and a rocket barrage.

Hundreds of insurgents remain on the loose as Canadian troops help pick up the pieces after bold-as-brass jailbreak
June 15, 2008 Rosie DiMannoColumnist

Score one, a great big one, for the Taliban.

Increasingly sophisticated, they've proven they can fight a war of insurgency on many fronts, simultaneously.

Ambush, shoot-and-scoot, roadside detonations, suicide bombings, firefights – they're all in the playbook.

And today, there are hundreds more of them on the loose in the Kandahar City area.

Just what this southern capital, birthplace of the Taliban movement, needed – an almost miraculous resurrection from incarceration of jail-hardened foot soldiers, blasted free from Sarposa prison on Friday night in a cleverly co-ordinated break-out.

Actually, not so clever, merely brazen and emboldened and blow-out-the-doors spectacular.

They are not high-value detainees. Those Taliban "assets" are either in Afghanistan's main prison, the notorious Pol-e-Charkhi in Kabul, or under lock and key at the American-run detention facility in Bagram, north of the capital.

But Canada, along with other NATO allies, long ago made the decision – for reasons of pure optics – not to transfer any captured Taliban to U.S. authorities in Afghanistan.

That was a political call and it has now, again, cost dearly.

For the rest of the story click on the title at the top of this article

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Something To Think About

I never thought about it this way. Perhaps this is why so many physicians are conservatives or republicans. (Interestingly, provided by an attorney's wife)

The Democrat Party has become the Lawyers' Party. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are lawyers. Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama are lawyers. John Edwards, the other former Democrat candidate for president, is a lawyer, and so is his wife, Elizabeth.

Every Democrat nominee since 1984 went to law school (although Gore did not graduate).

Every Democrat vice presidential nominee since 1976, except for Lloyd Bentsen, went to law school.

Look at the Democrat Party in Congress: the Majority Leader in each house is a lawyer.

The Republican Party is different. President Bush and Vice President Cheney were not lawyers, but businessmen.

The leaders of the Republican Revolution were not lawyers. Newt Gingrich was a history professor; Tom Delay was an exterminator; and, Dick Armey was an economist.

House Minority Leader Boehner was a plastic manufacturer, not a lawyer. The former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is a heart surgeon.

Who was the last Republican president who was a lawyer? Gerald Ford, who left office 31 years ago and who barely won the Republican nomination as a sitting president, running against Ronald Reagan in 1976.

The Republican Party is made up of real people doing real work. The Democrat Party is made up of lawyers.

Democrats mock and scorn men who create wealth, like Bush and Cheney, or who heal the sick, like Frist, or who immerse themselves in history, like Gingrich.

The Lawyers' Party sees these sorts of people, who provide goods and services that people want, as the enemies of America .

And, so we have seen the procession of official enemies, in the eyes of the Lawyers' Party, grow.

Against whom do Hillary and Obama rail? (In a Socialist/Marxist fashion)

Pharmaceutical companies, oil companies, hospitals, manufacturers, fast food restaurant chains, large retail businesses, bankers, and anyone producing anything of value in our nation.

This is the natural consequence of viewing everything through the eyes of lawyers. Lawyers solve problems by successfully representing their clients, in this case the American people.

Lawyers seek to have new laws passed, they seek to win lawsuits, they press appellate courts to overturn precedent, and lawyers always parse language to favor their side.

Confined to the narrow practice of law, that is fine. But it is an awful way to govern a great nation.

When politicians as lawyers begin to view some Americans as clients and other Americans as opposing parties, then the role of the leg al system in our life becomes all-consuming.

Some Americans become "adverse parties" of our very government.

We are not all litigants in some vast social class-action suit. We are citizens of a republic that promises us a great deal of freedom from laws, from courts, and from lawyers.

Today, we are drowning in laws; we are contorted by judicial decisions; we are driven to distraction by omnipresent lawyers in all parts of our once private lives.

America has a place for laws and lawyers, but that place is modest and reasonable, not vast and unchecked.

When the most important decision for our next president is whom he will appoint to the Supreme Court, the role of lawyers and the law in America is too big.

When lawyers use criminal prosecution as a continuation of politics by other means, as happened in the lynching of Scooter Libby and Tom Delay, then the power of lawyers in America is too great.

When House Democrats sue America in order to hamstring our efforts to learn what our enemies are planning to do to us, then the role of litigation in America has become crushing.

We cannot expect the Lawyers' Party to provide real change, real reform, or real hope in America .

Most Americans know that a republic in which every major government action must be blessed by nine unelected judges is not what Washington intended in 1789.

Most Americans grasp that we cannot fight a war when ACLU lawsuits snap at the heels of our defenders.

Most Americans intuit that more lawyers and judges will not restore declining moral values or spark the spirit of enterprise in our economy.

Perhaps Americans will understand that change cannot be brought to our nation by those lawyers who already largely dictate American society and business.

Perhaps Americans will see that hope does not come from the mouths of lawyers but from personal dreams nourished by hard work.

Perhaps Americans will embrace the truth that more lawyers with more power will only make our problems worse. And elect OUR Congress and Senate accordingly.

For 30 years Democrats have blocked domestic energy development.

Why is America NOT energy independent? Because, over the past 30 years:

Democrats have blocked the development of new sources of petroleum.

Democrats have blocked drilling in ANWR.Democrats have blocked drilling off the coast of Florida.

Democrats have blocked drilling off of the east coast.

Democrats have blocked drilling off of the west coast.

Democrats have blocked drilling off the Alaskan coast.

Democrats have blocked building oil refineries.

Democrats have blocked clean nuclear energy production.

Democrats have blocked clean coal production.

And, what is the democratic solution to the current energy crisis?

--Democrats want to tax oil companies and sue OPEC!

Unlike Democrats, Republicans vow to bring American Energy Online.Today, House Republicans vowed to push the do-nothing Pelosi Congress on responsible energy plan for America.

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Received by Email - we report, you decide
AntiMullah has not experienced this but.....

Maybe it's not the "best" buy...--- On Wed, 6/4/08,

From: the Emailer

Folks, this is absolutely true¦ Therefore, I'm passing this on to you for your information - just so you know and can make your own determination. Also, keep in mind that more and more stores are adapting the same policy so be sure to check before you purchase. I will not deal or shop in any of those stores.

Best Buy has some bad policies.... If you purchase something from, Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, JC Penny, Sears etc. and you return the item with the receipt, they will give you your money back if you paid cash, or credit your account if paid by plastic.

Well, I purchased a GPS for my car, a Tom Tom XL.S from 'Best Buy'. They have a policy that it must be returned within 14 days for a refund! So, after 4 days I returned it in the original box with all the items in the box, with paper work and cords all wrapped in the plastic - just as I received it, including the receipt.

I explained to the lady at the return desk I did not like the way it could not find store names.

The lady at the refund desk said, there is a 15% restock fee, for items returned.

I said no one told me that. I said how much would that be.

She said it goes by the price of the item. It will be $45.00 Dollars for you.

I said, all your going to do is walk over and place it back on the shelf then charge me $45.00 of my money for restocking?

She said that's the store policy.

I said if more people were aware of it they would not buy anything here! If I bought a $2000.00 computer or TV and returned it I would be charged $300.00 dollars restock fee?

She said yes, 15%.

I said OK, just give me my money minus the restock fee.

She said, since the item is over $200.00 dollars, she can't give me my money back!!! Corporate has to and they will mail you a check in 7 to ten days.!!

I said 'WHAT?!' It's my money!! I paid in cash! I want to buy a different brand. Now I have to wait 7 to 10 days.

She said well, our policy is on the back of your receipt.

I asked, do you read the front or back of your receipt?

She said well, the front!

I said so do I. I want to talk to the Manager!

So the manager comes over, I explained everything to him, and he said, well, sir they should have told you about the policy when you got the item.

I said, no one has ever told me about the check refund or restock fee, whenever I bought items from computers to TVs from Best Buy. The only thing they ever discussed was the worthless extended warranty program.

He said, Well, I can give you corporate phone number.

I called corporate. The guy said, well, I'm not supposed to do this but I can give you a 45.00 dollar gift card and you can use it at Best Buy.

I told him if I bought something and returned it, you would charge me a restock fee on the item and then send me a check for the remaining 3 dollars You can keep your gift card, I'm never shopping in Best Buy ever again, and if I would of been smart, I would of charged the whole thing on my credit card!

Then I would have canceled the transaction. I would have received all my money back including your stupid fees! He didn't say a word!

I informed him that I was going to e-mail my friends and give them a heads up on this stores policy, as they don't tell you about all the little caveats.

So please pass this on. It may save your friends from having a bad experience of shopping at Best Buy. It's true! Read it for yourself!! Best Buys return policy

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Alan Note: mosques and Islamic Iranian professionals actively support Obama, some Iranian professionals appear on Persian TV and media outlets to voice that support and encourage Islamists to vote for Obama.

Islamic Support for Obama

>William Ayers (Weatherman Underground bomber, unrepentant domestic terrorist)

Frank Davis (Member Communist Party USA, Early mentor to Obama)

>Jeremiah Wright (Black Liberation militant, racist, and Pastor)

Tony Rezko (Corrupt Financier, ties to Terror Financing)>

Louis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam Leader, racist, anti-American)

Raila Ordinga (Fundamental Islamic Candidate, Kenya, Obama’s Cousin)

>Daniel Ortega (Marxist Sandinista Leader. Nicarauga)

Raul Castro (Hard-line Communist Leader, Cuba)

>Communist Party Illinois, (US Communist Political Party)Socialist Party USA, (Marxist Socialist Political Party)

>The New Black Panther Party, (Black Militant Organization, anti-American and racist)

Hamas Terrorist Organization, (Islamic Terrorist Organisation)

>More than 80 attorneys for Guantanamo detainees -who have been offering free-of-charge legal services. Not surprising that lawyers for Muslim terrorists would support Obama.

>The Communist Party USA>The Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism

>Rep. Keith Ellison, the first Muslim congressman

> Sam Graham-Felsen, (Obama campaign’s official blogger) He spent time in France taking part in labor riots, has written for a socialist magazine, hung a communist flag in his home, and was a fan of Marx while at Harvard.

>Kwame Kilpatrick

> George Soros’ (slumlord undergoing trial) son, Jonathan Soros, an attorney and financier, recently promoted to deputy manager of Soros Fund Management , is personally involved with’s activities.

>Muslim Americans for Obama ‘08

>The Muslim American Society>Obama Supporters for Marijuana Law Reform

>Obama Youth, “Obama Youth” had as its logo the Islamic crescent and stars (until word got out on the net and they had to clean it up)

>President Daniel Ortega ..who stated, “It’s not to say that there is already a revolution under way in the U.S. ... but yes, they are laying the foundations for a revolutionary change.”

[Phil's note: Ortega's daughter Zolamerica accused him of serial sexual abuse of her beginning when she reached eleven--Ortega was supported by Harkin and Kerry and now endorses Obama]

>Project Islamic H. O. P. E., ..who displayed Obama as their banner boy until word got out and they had to clean that up. Obama is no longer there on the site.

>Rev. Al Sharpton ..obviously supports Obama, but obviously advised to keep it quiet.

>Shepard Fairey, Official artist of the Obama posters...remarkable resemblance to Marxist posters

>Tony Rezko, Obama said that he estimated Rezko raised about 50,000 to 60,000 for his political career. Obama has collected at least $168,308 from Rezko and his circle.

>Malaak Shabazz Daughter of Malcom X

>The Socialist Party USA

>George Soros billionaire - Jew haterThey all support, endorse, and/or friends and mentors and advisors of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.They all hate America, they all want to destroy America as we know it.

They all want the United States to retreat in the war on terror, and they all want to make over the United States into a marxist/socialist/collective nation Obama’s own core ideology/theology, coincides with these people.

This says all you need to know about Obama.. You can and should judge a man by the company he keeps.Maybe this explains Obama hands were over his crotch instead of saluting the flag/anthem and refusing to wear the flag pin- claiming to do so was ‘false patriotism’

ALSO take a look at some of the faces at: