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Alan note: one of Bin Laden's sons, fearful of being used as a pawn and handed over to the West, who lived under a very loose "house arrest" in Iran (reportedly at a Caspian Sea former palace) has fled to Pakistan's Waziristan.


Passport Capital of San Francisco, a hedge fund company recently invested in Shuaa Capital in the UAE, a Sharia Compliant financial organization. LINK to UAE site:
This Press Release from DUBAI, does not appear on their American Web Site at:


U.S. Treasury: Al-Qaida Worked Closely With Iran

By: Kenneth R. Timmerman

In an unusual last-minute act before the new administration takes over the reins, acting Treasury Secretary Stuart A. Levy’s former office issued a stunning report on Friday, laying out long-standing ties between Iran and the top leadership of al-Qaida.

As undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence since that job was created in July 2004, Levy spearheaded the Treasury Department’s efforts to take the war on international terrorists to the financial battlefield, by denying individual terrorists and terrorist-support states such as Iran access to international financial markets.

Less known, until last Friday, was Levy’s involvement in tracking down fugitive al-Qaida members who have taken up residence in Iran since they fled Afghanistan with Iranian government help after 9/11.

Levy’s office revealed stunning new evidence of the close operational ties between the Iranian regime and al-Qaida when it designated four top al-Qaida officials as “international terrorists” under the terms of Executive Order 13224.Read the full story

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