Thursday, November 15, 2007


MOSCOW (Reuters) - Thieves have stolen a Maybach luxury limousine worth 530,000 euro ($777,000) while the car's owner had dinner in a Moscow restaurant, Russian media reported Wednesday.

Thieves bundled the owner's chauffeur into the back seat and threatened to kill him, the Kommersant newspaper reported. The driver was later abandoned outside Moscow's ring road.

Police said they suspected the car was stolen to order by a special gang for sale in Kazakhstan or Ukraine.

The Maybach has been adopted as the ultimate status symbol by Russia's super-rich. There are only a few dozen in Russia and this was the first case of one being stolen, the daily said.

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Karina said...

Night in Moscow was hijacked one of the most expensive cars in the world, the Maybach 57, belonging to a well-known producer. According to him, two unidentified come to his driver and hit on the head and then fled in a stolen car.

Overall there are several hundred copies of this luxurious limousine, whose value is about 700000 dollars. In view of rarity, Maybach 57 will be very problematic to sell in Russia, both at home and abroad. And it will be even difficult to lease it in limo hire companies.