Saturday, October 11, 2008


I am an American from a blue collar background. I don’t think that I am terribly unlike my fellow Americans. Here is what I expect from my President: Honesty, courage, to keep promises, chivalrous behavior, to protect me, mine, and the American way of life, secure our borders, to be loyal to America first, honor the flag, respect for everyone equally. I expect my President to protect our laws and rights, to stop Sharia everywhere in free nations. I expect anyone I vote for to serve me, not just vote “present”.

When considering voting for Obama or McCain (a vote for any other candidate, worthy as they may be, even a protest vote, is a wasted vote), I am compelled to consider:

Patriotism: Obama deigned to wear an American flag lapel pin, removed the American flag from his campaign airplane, doesn’t stand at attention and place his right hand over his heart during the playing of the National Anthem or when the American flag is raised. McCain’s patriotism and devotion to America is beyond question. Obama appears to be ashamed to be an American, if he’s really even an American.

Liberal: Obama is ranked as the second most liberal Senator. John McCain was once considered the Democrats’ favorite Republican for his notoriously independent maverick style and ability to work with anyone on either side of the partisan aisle.

Obama doesn’t qualify for even a basic SECRET government security clearance, which just about any American citizen can qualify for. McCain is a man of dignity and honor who holds the highest levels of security clearances.

Taxes: Obama has voted favorably on raising or maintaining high taxes seventy-four times. He has n-e-v-e-r opted for lowering taxes. Now, he claims that he will lower taxes for 95% of Americans. His actions speak louder than his words. I won’t hold my breath waiting from a tax break from Obama. Citizens Against Waste rate Obama at just 18%, McCain at a much more responsible 88%.

Obama has made comments that indicate fascist tendencies. He will “make” everyone have health insurance. He will punish those who don’t follow his orders. Sig Heil! It’s no wonder that Warren Buffett has backed Obama. Billionaire Buffett is one of the biggest stock holders in the insurance industry. Obama has likely received millions in donations from the insurance industry, the same insurers who want to euthanize the lame and the ill.

Obama has signed on to every abortion bill to come along. He reportedly even favors killing (murdering) babies who survive botched abortions. It’s only logical that when his social medicine programs get into financial straits, he will likely move to the next level – euthanizing sick, lame, and old people who are costing the system too much, and who can no longer put money into the system.

Obama is a serious contributor to the present financial crisis. McCain started sounding the alarms a couple of years ago, but Obama and his cronies ignored and even worked against McCain, and the White House when Bush sounded the alarms. Obama followed Senator Chris Dodd in receiving the second highest amounts of contributions from the corrupt, crooked leaders (Tim Howard, Franklin Raines, and Jim Johnson) of the failed financial institutions. Obama supported Barney Frank’s manipulations in causing this crisis that has cost real Americans several trillions of dollars. My own feelings about this are that Obama is a major, big-time crook.

Obama is against energy independence. Only now, during the later days of the campaigns is he coming out in favor (he’s probably lying because his early actions belay his talking). One of his solutions to the gasoline issues this past summer was to tell people to put more air in their tires. He was either very naive, or more likely cynically thought that we are all that stupid and gullible. Obama seemingly has accepted many millions in campaign donations from OPEC through straw donors, OPEC financed PAC’s, and OPEC lobbyists. An inordinate amount of money has flowed from anonymous Middle East donors.

The very powerful book: THE CASE AGAINST OBAMA brings out a more accurate and compelling picture of Obama based on his actions, not his orations which are contrary to his deeds in fact. All indications are that he’s a serious liar and a pure socialist if not a hard core fascist.

ACORN. Obama was ACORN’s attorney, and provided training to organizers, and now when ACORN is found to be very, very active in voter fraud issues, the claim is that Obama is suddenly not involved. That’s Balderdash.

Nation of Islam leader Farakhan called Obama the Messiah, who will bring about the hoped for change. Islam’s Messiah? What is fascist Islam’s hoped for change? This should make every sane person’s hair stand on end.

Vindictive: Both Obama and his running mate, Sen. Joe Biden, have reportedly indicated that an Obama administration would use its control of the Justice Department to prosecute its political opponents. This is a serious threat to freedom.

Why was writer Jerome Corsi (author of Obama Nation) detained, harassed, and threatened by Kenyan authorities after his visit to investigate Obama’s ties to Kenya?

Obama’s citizenship. When questioned, he refused to set the record straight by producing a valid birth certificate, and in fact hired an aggressive criminal defense attorney (what’s wrong with a civil attorney in a civil case such as this) to block the release of his birth certificate until after the election. This stinks!

- Tony Orezko, Obama’s business partner and close pal has been convicted and is awaiting sentencing. This reflects Obama’s close ties with the notoriously corrupt Chicago Democratic machine.
- William Ayres. According to Obama’s book, he actively sought out Marxists (Anarchists) and was careful in building friendships with these people. It is quite apparent (despite his denials – more lies) that he and the unrepentant terrorist, Ayres are close associates.
- Obama attended an openly racist (Afro-centric) church headed by Jeremy Wright, a racist, America hating blasphemer (god damn America!) for twenty years, and “never heard” any of Wright’s vile rantings. This is pure nonsense. Obama is clearly lying when he claims ignorance of Wright’s twenty years of vitriolic preaching.
- Michelle Obama never had any pride in America until Barak became a candidate. Her university studies and preferences indicate a racist attitude. I cannot be convinced that she has (or will have) no influence on Obama.

Obama spent his formative years in Islamic Indonesia. There has been much said about how this didn’t matter. Horsepookey! He was thoroughly indoctrinated in Islam.
He has had close associations with radical South Asian Islamists, and has traveled and studied in Moslem countries, no doubt to bolster his knowledge, understanding, and ties to Islam.
Obama has learned enough about Islam to be thoroughly familiar with the meaning, use and practice of Taqiyyah – the polished Islamist art of lying to protect one’s real beliefs, the art of befuddling, deceiving, and confounding the enemy. Islam has declared that we – America is its avowed enemy and that we must be destroyed. I believe that Obama is out to damage America, if not destroy it.
Obama has received endorsements from the leaders of the fifty-seven Islamic governments in the world, as well as rousing endorsements from Islamofascist terrorist organizations.
He vowed early in his campaign to bring his message to all fifty-seven states. We all know that there are only fifty states in the USA, and I doubt that he is so ignorant that his geography is that poor. This was a Freudian slip of the tongue – a rare moment of truth.

A little over one year ago: 1. Consumer confidence stood at a 2½ year high;2. Regular gasoline sold for $2.19 a gallon;3. The unemployment rate was 4.5%.4. The Dow Jones hit a record high-14,0005. Americans were buying new cars, stoking the economy, taking cruises, vacationing overseas, living large!But Americans wanted change! So, in 2006 they voted in a Democratic Congress and yes-we got CHANGE all right.
In the past year: 1. Consumer confidence has plummeted;2. Gasoline is now over $3.75 a gallon, and it had hit well over $4 a gallon; we may see it above $5.00 before 2010.3. Unemployment is up to 5.5% (a 10% increase);4. Americans have seen their home equity drop by $12 TRILLION dollars, with prices still dropping. The DOW is down to nearly half of what it was a year ago;5. 1%+ of American homes are in foreclosure.6. TRILLIONS of dollars have evaporated from Americans' stocks, bonds and mutual funds investment portfolios, nearly 50% of America’s stock market wealth has vanished. Yes, in 2006, America voted for change ... and we sure got it! Remember, the President has no control over any of these issues - only Congress. And what has Congress done for America in the last two years? Absolutely nothing! They certainly haven't improved the situation. They've made it much worse. Stop and think about that for a moment. Now the Democratic candidate for President claims he is going to really give us change along with a Democratic Congress! Just how much more change do you think you can stand?

What can we expect? House Speaker Pelosi will ram through the “Media Ownership Reform Act” which is a fascist imposition of a dictatorial fairness doctrine aimed at conservative talk radio. Its objective is to silence free speech. If and when it goes through, we can count on a fascist president Obama to sign it into law.

What can we expect? Obama is all hot and bothered to get American troops out of Iraq. Considering that Bush did the right thing in invading Iraq and then failed to do the rest of it right after toppling Saddam, I am not averse to getting out of that pit – but the right way. However, I suspect that Obama has another motive: I expect that his Moslem Odinga clan will commence a monstrous, bloody uprising in Kenya, and Obama will send American troops in to quell the violence – to kill Christians and place the Moslems in control (and hang around to protect them). Then, we’ll have 59 Moslem states.

What can we expect? Obama will do to the military as did Clinton. Clinton eviscerated our armed forces. Obama will enable freedom haters to prevail all over the world.

What can we expect? Increased taxes to squander on socialist programs headed by his cronies.

What can we expect? Obama under the controlling direction of his most influential financiers (people like America hating George Soros) will attack the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

What can we expect? His solution to Social Security will be to cut benefits (most recipients are white, anyhow), and to provide benefits for illegals. His solution to Medicare will be to add care for illegals, and then probably forced euthanasia to reduce costs involved with sustaining the elderly, the frail, the needy, the sick.

Yeah, I’ve considered my vote very long and very carefully. I am going to vote for John McCain, scars, bent bones, warts, and all because he is clearly the best choice for America. Please join me in voting for John McCain.

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