Friday, October 17, 2008


Like cockroaches...Obama supporters emerge from dark, sewage-invested recesses.

Here are some facts to consider:

Obama Contributors Emerged from Staff and Boards of Annenberg GranteesWednesday, October 15, 2008By Fred Lucas, Staff Writer – Barack Obama started serving as chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, an education grant program, in 1995, the same year he was elected to the Illinois state Senate. As chairman, Obama oversaw the disbursement of $49.2 million in Annenberg grants, most of which went to non-profit groups with the stated intent of improving Chicago’s public schools.

Since the start of his political career, Obama has received a total of $331,528 in campaign contributions from people who served as staff and board members of non-profit groups that received grants from the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC).


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