Wednesday, October 24, 2007


During the reign of King Tut, 15 lbs. of garlic could buy you a healthy male slave.

In the beginning, Denny's was originally Danny's. But the name was too common to trademark, so founder Harold Butler changed the "a" to an "e".

In the 1960s show I Dream of Jeannie, the bottle used as Jeannie's home was actually a painted Jim Beam's Choice decanter.

The game Monopoly was banned in Soviet Bloc countries, and even outlawed in Cuba for fear it would corrupt the public with free-market ideas.

Saffron is such a valuable spice that, in Bavaria, merchants caught selling tainted Saffron were once burned alive.

Forks were once forbidden by the Catholic Church because they were thought to be the dining utensil of the devil.

The most famous quiz-show scandal involved Columbia professor Charles Van Doren being fed answers on the show Twenty-One.

What ever happened to the crestfallen professor? He became a senior editor at Britannica.

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