Saturday, March 17, 2012


Kathleen "sEVILious" Health and Human Services Secretary Sebilius - a frighteningly intrusive, evil woman in charge of so much of our misery!

And increasing future ill-health as her and Obama's weird, radical and scandalous policies kick in. Specially TIMED to kick in AFTER the elections, where if they get in again, able to ignore American voters for FOUR years, America is doomed financially, morally, culturally, religiously and almost TOTALLY deprived of our long standing Constitutional freedoms!

After Film Warning Kids Not to Call Others 'Jerks,' Sebelius Tells Kids to Say: 'You're Being a Jerk'

By Penny Starr

Immediately after showing middle-school students a new video from the Cartoon Network that admonishes children not to call people names like "stupid," "fat," and "jerk," Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told the students they could do a lot of good by telling some students they were "jerks."

It "can make a huge amount of difference," she said.

Sebelius' OFTEN VERGING ON LUNACY remarks came in response to a question from CNN’s Don Lemon, who served as moderator of a panel discussion following a screening of “Stop Bullying: Speak Up.”

The audience was comprised of children at the Stuart-Hobson Middle School in Washington, D.C. The students, from the 6th to 8th grade, were given black t-shirts with the “Speak Up” logo to wear at the assembly.

“What do you think is the best advice for people who are going into watching this film and anyone who is watching?” asked Lemon.

As part of her answer, Sebelius said: “I think, very important, is for kids to understand how powerful you really are. You might feel like you’re not big enough, not strong enough, not--don’t have enough tools. But just saying, ‘Stop it! You know, you’re being a jerk!’--walk away, get away from this person can make a huge amount of difference.”

             Sandra Fluke "S-evil-ius" ACTIVIST advocate!

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