Monday, February 13, 2012


Hat Tip to FR's rdb3  "the mouth is the exhaust pipe of the heart"

Alan Note: Over the decades I have had a classical music station on my car radio "speed dial" though my CD player also provides an ecclectic variety of music.

At one time in life, a girlfriend would turn to another station if a violin (her villain) began a solo, though usually politely ask me to do so, since she said the instrument made her grit her teeth, no matter if it were a sweet tone or rapid "flight of the bumblebee" movement.

I never quite understood till I listened to these violin tunes. While they jarred my nerves they are clear and worth sharing and perhaps echo my mood rather than being "lethal" as rdb3 indicates! (Smile).


25 years ago, we had Ronald Reagan, Johnny Cash, and Bob Hope.

Today we have Obama, no cash, and no hope!

If you can't appreciate the pure beauty of the violin after hearing this, something's wrong with your ears.

Or you can get raw with these strings.

How about this gamechanger from America's Got Talent (which they SHOULD have won).

And finally, this, dedicated to the one and only rdb2, whose eyes are growing dim.

Either way, the violin is sweet yet LETHAL.

Do it!

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