Saturday, October 8, 2011



With all the fetid stench of slime splashed down on us by the most corrupt, radical, Chicago ganster administration in our lifetimes, humor has also taken on a new twist. The twist was always there but restrained.

Now more and more people are showing their protest of the “protection racket” the Dept. of INJustice is implementing in many sensitive areas, specially with pro-Islamist bias, even to the extent of breaking the law to protect Moslems and Sharia law while suppressing Christian beliefs and freedoms.

Illegal gun running, or funding terrorists to buy them, refusing to charge and deport criminal even felonious illegals are just a sector. Even overriding Federal judiciary decisions to prevent States from implementing LAWS - puts them beyond Organized Crime and they should be charged with the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Criminal Organization  Act) statutes.

OVER-spending all OUR hard earned money as if it were theirs (free money for them) and crony financing such as the last humongous loan of nearly a HALF BILLION for a green project belonging to Nancy Pelosi’s close relative is pushing Americans to the brink.

Except the most naively ignorant and teat sucking free loaders gorging themselves at the public trough, while contributing little of nothing to the “wealth” being spread around to THEM.

Thus want Obama there to continue their free ride while they do NOT pay THEIR fair share as he insists others should.

As long as he is helping create a Caliphate of which he hopes one day to become the leader, Obama, beyond a desire to be re-elected and continue the destruction he is raining down on America and much of the world, cares nothing about the misery, pain and DEATH he is causing by his proxies like the Moslem Brotherhood he harbors inside  the White House, the Islamic regime of Iran and Syrian myriad deaths of their countrymen.

MOSTLY by some 20,000 Iranian Suppression forces exported to do this in Syria.

The slow and painful awakening of “we the people” is still being thwarted by Obama via his Islamists, Union thugs, oppressive Dept. of Injustice and corrupt Senators, who have just removed any obstacle to riding roughshod over us with their “nuclear option” change of filibuster rules.

The most urgent question appears to be whether when saner Republicans, Independents  (or coming to their senses Democrats) increase their voting presence in the Senate and vote Obama out of office next year will there be anything left to salvage from the rubble he is leaving behind!

Seriously, at this rate, not much of our financial or cultural infrastructure in America will be left - nor in much of the rest of the world.

Hope springs eternal but we are borderline already past the point of rescue! Many waiting for the final axe to fall or simply delaying the inevitable if Obama stays in office.

Having watched this happen in Iran after Khomeini took power (via Jimmuh the ideologue idiot Carter) Obama is a replay with a vengeance in spades. For those old enough to have seen or even read how Communism or the Bolsheviks took over, it’s a virtual replay of that ruthless madness, too.

He has yet to have an excuse to start killing us with any impunity.

DON'T be astonished if that comes to pass if he declares martial law and suspends or cancels elections.

No! Based on his mindsets not  such an overly fanciful  speculation.

Americans have mostly been immune from facing such gut wrenching, lethal and devastating  events and misery inside America so fail to recognize the multiple signs of what Obama is doing to them and the whole world.

Which verges on immature, ideological insanity not someone who wants to improve the world.

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SoulStraw3 said...

Bring down western civilization ? What you dont realize that much of Western covilization thinks that whats wrong with President Obama is that hes been disappointingly too Rightwing