Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The reasons Obambi could well be re-elected are as follows:

Number 1 is he has the census being completed and will have the reapportionment numbers by mid December. Those numbers will show an overwhelming population shift to blue states with millions of before uncounted people such as the dead and millions of illegals.

Remember that the census is being run out of the white house and these guys are Chavistas.

Number 2. These numbers will mean new congressional seats for democrats by 2012.

Remember you only need a few people voting in each district to win a seat.

They will easily take back the house in 2012 with hard core cadres at their disposal.

Number 3. This reapportionment will mean that the blue states will also control the electoral college because it is reflective of the number of congressional seats.

You don’t need to win the popular vote to be president, it’s the electoral college that elects presidents and with winner take all resolutions in many states being pushed this will be an easy win for the democrats.

Number 4. There will be that smattering of RINO republicans who will continue to sabotage our side and with their help and the veto power Obama has he can obfuscate anything we try to do.

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