Tuesday, November 24, 2009


To: info@kyl.senate.gov

Honorable Jon Kyl,

On behalf of Iranian-Americans living throughout the United States , I want to thank you for standing up with pro-democracy movement exposing the Islamic republic and its lobby groups such as NIAC.

As Iranians living in the USA , we are fully aware of Trita Parsi lobby efforts for the Islamic republic. There are over a million Iranians living the United States and about 3 million around the world, I can assure you that NIAC does not and will never represent views and interests of Iranians living in the United States. We believe that NIAC is hired to sugarcoat the brutality of the regime and buy it enough time to develop their nuclear bomb. NIAC does not care for Iran nor Iranians.

As a 501c3 (private non-profit) NIAC has never disclosed a complete listing of its members to us Iranians, we believe NIAC’s membership including its own employees in NIAC and various NIAC subsidiaries funded by Soros, big oil, and more importantly by Islamic republic number around 2500-3000, or (less than half a percent or .003%), hardly a significant number to claim as a legitimate organization representing our interests and views.

NIAC has never advocated for human rights, has advocated for cutting off funding for democracy programs and has always been against sanctions. We, the oppositions groups strongly favor all three and ask for smart sanctions against the Islamic republic.

NIAC, recently has shifted gears, and now advocates for human rights, but during its 12 year existence, particularly during the worst days of demonstrations immediately following June 12 uprising, NIAC has never objected to any human rights violations (rape, hangings, stoning, torture) by the barbaric mullahs. On the contrary, NIAC recently and secretly lobbied the US congress to cut off funding for democracy programs.

Trita Parsi is not even a US citizen to adequately understand our issues and concerns and speak on our behalf.

NIAC never appears on opposition rallies or grants interviews to Iranian opposition groups, while claiming it represents us here in the United States.

NIAC has lied on several occasions to Americans and Iranian community. Denise Rossâ's case is a good example. While NIAC attempted to undermine his appointment, it publicly endorsed him, a proven fact.

We are very much in support of an independent group of experts to investigate and examine NIAC's political and financial activities. We thank you and many other enlightened representatives who see Islamic republic and NIAC for what they are, and have had the courage to speak up against them. Iranians American are eternally grateful to your efforts.


Dr. Arash Irandoost

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