Wednesday, July 23, 2008


John McCormack catches Wes Clark in a couple of egregious errors on the surge today on Morning Joe.

The lesser mistake is Clark’s insistence that the surge didn’t involve Anbar at all, when as McCormack notes the Marines sent two extra battalions to the hotbed of terrorist activity as part of the increased deployment.

Worse, though, Clark tries to tell Scarborough that the surge had nothing to do with the Marines, and everything to do with the Saudis paying off the Sunni tribes:

This isn’t exactly a lost history.

Actually, 4,000 extra Marines went to Anbar. The extra Marine battalions got a lot of attention in the beginning of the surge, especially since they had the toughest job in clearing Anbar, while the Army focused more on Baghdad.

Despicable partisan idiot, trampling on the graves of our heroes. How dare he. He really thinks he earning his cabinet post .. made his deal with the devil.

Wesley Clark is the Marshall Applewhite of retired generals. Got himself forced to retire with his amibitious, arrogant and ignorant actions overseas.

He’s not called Weasel for nothing and he’s also a liar.

Several years ago Chrissy Matthews asked him why he was relieved of command and Weasel about had a heart attack. He said he wasn’t relieved but just decided to retire early, that was an out and out lie.

This little narcicisstic, political skunk is palpable proof that our military is top heavy with generals in name only.

SCUMBAG!!!!!!! Weasely Clark pisses all over US Marines in order to try to propagandize for his candidate.

The talking points are out - the Surge must be discredited at all costs so the Boy King Obama cannot be said ever to be wrong about anything. What a load of crap.

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And here is a look at the Obama and Clark support crowd

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Gratian said...

Excellent information. One nasty piece of work is Wesley Clark. It is worth noting the comments on Clark by Gen. Mike Jackson, a real soldier.