Wednesday, March 5, 2008



Add to the family history shown in this article that Obama's mother was allegedly visiting Kenya with Obama's father in the final months of her pregnancy and was not allowed to board a flight in her late term to return home.

She allegedly had Obama in Kenya and quickly boarded a flight to Hawaii. Airlines do not accept late term pregancies but do not refuse passage to a newborn, usually issuing a 10% or free fare ticket for the trip.

Once in Hawaii, his mother registered him as being born in Hawaii.

Apart from his bloodline making him an Arab American NOT an African American, (his African blood only reaches less than 7% and insufficient to qualify for Federal standards of a minimum 12.5% as a given minority) he may not even be born in the USA, and unlike McCain without being on an American military base and with BOTH parents being Americans.

He adopted the African American persona to qualify for minority Black benefits such as college admission etc.

His father, registered by the government as Arab African in Kenya, is the last to be able to claim African ethnicity. Obama's White mother diluted him to where his only minority claim can be as Arab American.

His last link to African claim rests with his MATERNAL grandmother, not his father's side of the family, who are all Arabs.

Obama's Arab affiliations and activist family ties make him a scary candidate to be our president, though he has a great personality and oratory.

Hillary and husband Bill are no less frightening.

Read the article provided by the link and decide for yourself.

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